It’s been a while!

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Sorry it’s been so long since the last Sandwich Rating post was made. It’s been a hectic time recently. But not to fear… We’re back! With many exciting sandwich ratings to follow!

Marks and Spencer Cheese Layered Salad

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Apologies for the lack of posts recently.. what with Christmas, New Year and one thing and another – it’s been somewhat difficult to get back in the sandwich routine. I have however had an amazing M and S cheese Layered Salad today which was half price (not due to sell by date or damage – promotional reasons) top work M and S!

Sandwich 4: Eat Chicken, Avocado and Basil

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Chicken, Avocado and Basil on malted granary bread with spinach and lemon mayo.

My first sandwich from Eat after a number of recommendations had been made to me. I looked forward to the delights this establishment had to offer. Firstly, I’ve not mentioned too much in regards to the actual purchasing of the sandwich (after all – this is an important process to any sandwich selection) but Eat was by far the best. Considering it’s Christmas Eve Eve – in a busy shopping centre, I was in and out in around 3 minutes – during PEAK lunchtime rush hour! If the sandwich was as good as the service, I was certainly looking forward to this one!

Eat pride themselves on using fresh ingredients and preparing the products they sell that day, but strangely enough there wasn’t extensive nutritional information when compared to Marks and Spencer, but after a quick G’hoogle I found a similar (Pret a Manger) sandwich that came in at around 466 calories. The fresh avocado and fresh basil leaves went really well with this sandwich – it was well filled but strangely enough it wasn’t overfilling on the stomach. It felt ‘light’ and the lemon mayonnaise gave a nice tang to the sandwich. I did feel slightly hungry after this one, but then that’s what I got the Banoffee pie for 😉

Cost: £2.89

A good sandwich Eat!

Rating: ★★★★½

Wow. Good price. Good Sarnie. Good Buy!

Sandwich 3: Marks & Spencer Limited Edition Santa’s Turkey Feast

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British Turkey, Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing, with a wild cranberry chutney, mayonnaise & british bacon on malted bread.

Cost: £3.00

Ok. Fully aware that the last three sandwich ratings have been from the Sandwich Giant – Marks and Spencer. However, after yesterday’s poor performance I felt that they needed to rekindle my sandwich passion. This time I opted for the Limited Edition: Santa’s Turkey Feast (which has 5% of the price go to Shelter, Housing Rights Service and Focus Ireland) I was participating in both lunchtime nourishment and donating to charity.

Slightly festive packaging set this apart from the other shelf items with a large snowman coaxing me in to commiting to purchase this sandwich. I have to say – it worked. Now … to the actual sandwich.

This sandwich was filled to the crust of inner goodness. Filled to the edges with stuffing – the chunky chicken pieces eroded yesterday’s bad memories of there not being enough chicken. What got me on this sandwich was after the flavours of the stuffing, chicken, brief moistness provided by the mayo (unseasoned yes – but not an overwhelming amount as yesterday’s choice had) was the tangyness of the cranberry chutney. This left a slightly (note: NOT sickly) sweet taste in my mouth and with every bite I ended up wanting more of this sandwich.

However. A pattern with these sandwiches is beginning to emerge…. The more amber/red lights the sandwich has – the more tasty I seem to find it. Healthy sandwiches do not equate to tasty sandwiches. But there must be a good balance between the two. A middle of the road sarnie. The holy grail of all sarnies; tasty but not overwhelmingly unhealthy for you…. Oh sandwich. Where for art thou?!?!?

Cals: 560 (amber) 28%

Sugar: 15.3g (green) 17%

Fat: 22.9g (red) 33%

Sat Fat: 4.8g (amber) 24%

Salt: 2.93g (red) 49%

Rating: ★★★★½

I’m glad for my waistline that M and S won’t be doing this one after Christmas!

Note: Inbetween blog postings – I’ve had a number of recommendations, I hope to implement the Submit Your Own review shortly, but a fellow Sarnie fan has mentioned that the M&S Vegetarian club sandwich as being sooooooo Divine! (please note: Sandwichrating does not accept any responsibility for third party recommendations)

Sandwich 2: Marks & Spencer British chicken, salami Milano & tomato

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British Chicken, Mayonnaise, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Salami Milano and Lettuce on Malted Brown Bread

Cost: £2.75

Well. This was not the best choice that I’ve made sandwich wise. On paper – it looked to be quite a good selection, a good blend of complimentary ingredients – that when it came down to the execution; wasn’t done right. First off – this sandwich doesn’t use chicken chunks (as many of the other M+S offerings) but actually uses chicken slices rolled. There was far too much mayonnaise, the salad was far too limp for my liking and the only saving grace was the salami. The salami:chicken ratio favoured salami (which for me was a good thing). But combined with all the other ingredients, this was just too soggy for my liking. It was competitively priced when compared to the other sandwiches on the shelves, but I would have expected a little more from the sandwich kings of Marks and Spencer.

Cals: 410 (amber) 20%

3.4g sugar – green 4%

Fat: 17.4g – amber 25%

Sat Fat 3.4g – amber 17%

Salt 1.94g – amber 32%

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Good on paper, but poorly executed.

Sandwich 1: Marks & Spencer Club Sandwich

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British Chicken, Seasoned Mayonnaise, Mature Cheddar and British Bacon with Cucumber, Vine ripened tomatoes and lettuce on toasted oatmeal bread.

Cost: £3.00

A fully loaded sandwich from M+S, probably one of the more ‘heavyweight’ sarnies they produce – coming in with 3 red lights on the Nutritional Information scale. This was a sarnie that combatted hunger until it was no more! Standard packaging, but with more bread and filling than your average sarnie meant that this was a meal in its own right and there was no need for accompaniments this time round.

What sets M and S sarnies apart from the others, is for me, the use of seasoned mayonnaise. This sandwich was no exception. Generous portions of filling left this sandwich with good alluring colours and a good crunch factor was provided by the cucumber.

This, although a good choice, is not something that I would opt for every day – the addition of an extra slice of bread in an already filling sandwich meant there was no room for the treat afterwards. However, at £3.00 per sandwich – this has got to be one of the better value offerings on offer.

Nutritional Information:

Cals: 575 (amber) 29%

2.4g sugar – green 3%

Fat: 27.4g – red 39%

Sat Fat 6.1g – red 31%

Salt 2.53g – red 42%

Rating: ★★★★☆
A good value choice, but it’s not one for the health conscious!


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Hello and welcome to!

Lunch is part of every day life, so it makes sense to have a website that helps keep track of the good and bad choices made in every day life when it comes to sandwiches. Enter I work near Westfield (in London) and most lunchtimes take a brisk walk over to decide what I’m going to have for lunch. Be it from Marks and Spencer, Waitrose or other such fine eatery.

Anyway, this website takes the lunch items with a photograph along with a review based upon taste, value and other factors relating to the lunch item.

Feel free to leave comments and disagree with the reviews that are posted here – but I hope you find it both informative and useful whilst making your lunchtime choices!