Sandwich 4: Eat Chicken, Avocado and Basil

Posted in Eat, Review on December 23rd, 2009 by Sandwich King – Be the first to comment

Chicken, Avocado and Basil on malted granary bread with spinach and lemon mayo.

My first sandwich from Eat after a number of recommendations had been made to me. I looked forward to the delights this establishment had to offer. Firstly, I’ve not mentioned too much in regards to the actual purchasing of the sandwich (after all – this is an important process to any sandwich selection) but Eat was by far the best. Considering it’s Christmas Eve Eve – in a busy shopping centre, I was in and out in around 3 minutes – during PEAK lunchtime rush hour! If the sandwich was as good as the service, I was certainly looking forward to this one!

Eat pride themselves on using fresh ingredients and preparing the products they sell that day, but strangely enough there wasn’t extensive nutritional information when compared to Marks and Spencer, but after a quick G’hoogle I found a similar (Pret a Manger) sandwich that came in at around 466 calories. The fresh avocado and fresh basil leaves went really well with this sandwich – it was well filled but strangely enough it wasn’t overfilling on the stomach. It felt ‘light’ and the lemon mayonnaise gave a nice tang to the sandwich. I did feel slightly hungry after this one, but then that’s what I got the Banoffee pie for 😉

Cost: £2.89

A good sandwich Eat!

Rating: ★★★★½

Wow. Good price. Good Sarnie. Good Buy!