Sandwich 2: Marks & Spencer British chicken, salami Milano & tomato

British Chicken, Mayonnaise, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Salami Milano and Lettuce on Malted Brown Bread

Cost: £2.75

Well. This was not the best choice that I’ve made sandwich wise. On paper – it looked to be quite a good selection, a good blend of complimentary ingredients – that when it came down to the execution; wasn’t done right. First off – this sandwich doesn’t use chicken chunks (as many of the other M+S offerings) but actually uses chicken slices rolled. There was far too much mayonnaise, the salad was far too limp for my liking and the only saving grace was the salami. The salami:chicken ratio favoured salami (which for me was a good thing). But combined with all the other ingredients, this was just too soggy for my liking. It was competitively priced when compared to the other sandwiches on the shelves, but I would have expected a little more from the sandwich kings of Marks and Spencer.

Cals: 410 (amber) 20%

3.4g sugar – green 4%

Fat: 17.4g – amber 25%

Sat Fat 3.4g – amber 17%

Salt 1.94g – amber 32%

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Good on paper, but poorly executed.

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