Sandwich 3: Marks & Spencer Limited Edition Santa’s Turkey Feast

British Turkey, Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing, with a wild cranberry chutney, mayonnaise & british bacon on malted bread.

Cost: £3.00

Ok. Fully aware that the last three sandwich ratings have been from the Sandwich Giant – Marks and Spencer. However, after yesterday’s poor performance I felt that they needed to rekindle my sandwich passion. This time I opted for the Limited Edition: Santa’s Turkey Feast (which has 5% of the price go to Shelter, Housing Rights Service and Focus Ireland) I was participating in both lunchtime nourishment and donating to charity.

Slightly festive packaging set this apart from the other shelf items with a large snowman coaxing me in to commiting to purchase this sandwich. I have to say – it worked. Now … to the actual sandwich.

This sandwich was filled to the crust of inner goodness. Filled to the edges with stuffing – the chunky chicken pieces eroded yesterday’s bad memories of there not being enough chicken. What got me on this sandwich was after the flavours of the stuffing, chicken, brief moistness provided by the mayo (unseasoned yes – but not an overwhelming amount as yesterday’s choice had) was the tangyness of the cranberry chutney. This left a slightly (note: NOT sickly) sweet taste in my mouth and with every bite I ended up wanting more of this sandwich.

However. A pattern with these sandwiches is beginning to emerge…. The more amber/red lights the sandwich has – the more tasty I seem to find it. Healthy sandwiches do not equate to tasty sandwiches. But there must be a good balance between the two. A middle of the road sarnie. The holy grail of all sarnies; tasty but not overwhelmingly unhealthy for you…. Oh sandwich. Where for art thou?!?!?

Cals: 560 (amber) 28%

Sugar: 15.3g (green) 17%

Fat: 22.9g (red) 33%

Sat Fat: 4.8g (amber) 24%

Salt: 2.93g (red) 49%

Rating: ★★★★½

I’m glad for my waistline that M and S won’t be doing this one after Christmas!

Note: Inbetween blog postings – I’ve had a number of recommendations, I hope to implement the Submit Your Own review shortly, but a fellow Sarnie fan has mentioned that the M&S Vegetarian club sandwich as being sooooooo Divine! (please note: Sandwichrating does not accept any responsibility for third party recommendations)

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