Sandwich 1: Marks & Spencer Club Sandwich

British Chicken, Seasoned Mayonnaise, Mature Cheddar and British Bacon with Cucumber, Vine ripened tomatoes and lettuce on toasted oatmeal bread.

Cost: £3.00

A fully loaded sandwich from M+S, probably one of the more ‘heavyweight’ sarnies they produce – coming in with 3 red lights on the Nutritional Information scale. This was a sarnie that combatted hunger until it was no more! Standard packaging, but with more bread and filling than your average sarnie meant that this was a meal in its own right and there was no need for accompaniments this time round.

What sets M and S sarnies apart from the others, is for me, the use of seasoned mayonnaise. This sandwich was no exception. Generous portions of filling left this sandwich with good alluring colours and a good crunch factor was provided by the cucumber.

This, although a good choice, is not something that I would opt for every day – the addition of an extra slice of bread in an already filling sandwich meant there was no room for the treat afterwards. However, at £3.00 per sandwich – this has got to be one of the better value offerings on offer.

Nutritional Information:

Cals: 575 (amber) 29%

2.4g sugar – green 3%

Fat: 27.4g – red 39%

Sat Fat 6.1g – red 31%

Salt 2.53g – red 42%

Rating: ★★★★☆
A good value choice, but it’s not one for the health conscious!

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